Hypertension is the leading cause of cardiovascular diseases in the world accounting for 30% of all mortality, with a growing burden in developing countries, reason being lack of an effective hypertension management and monitoring platform after diagnosis and discharge from hospital.Various types of technology have been proposed and used in some cases to enhance patient monitoring after discharge. Examples of such technology are Short message service (SMS), Interactive voice Response (IVR), telemedicine and telehome monitoring.

The prominence of mobile phone technology has remained supreme, resulting in a profitable industry of approximately 28 million mobile phone subscribers. It is this opportunity that this project aims to leverage to come up with a computerized system that will exploit SMS and IVR technologies to enhance monitoring of hypertensive patients. This project is a platform to be used by doctors and patients to improve patient’s health by sending reminders messages to submit blood pressure, appointments and allow the doctor and the patient to communicate via SMS. It also incorporates an IVR module that allows patients to call in and submit blood pressure values.

Since a reasonable percentage of the population own mobile phones, and the project supports any type of phone no gap between the rich and poor this project can be accessible to a substantial percentage. Having implemented this system, monitoring of hypertensive patients is going to be easier and reduce events of dealing with emergencies and cardiovascular diseases.


Alexander Odhiambo Aluoch || Software Engineer || ICT Consultant

University of Nairobi

School of Computing and Informatics

Bsc Computer Science


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